Financial Horoscope
Life Stage Profile Attributes Lifestage Needs Generic Plans

Life Stage 1

Young Professional
No Dependents
Tendencies to Spend on Life Style
No Need of Protection
Forced Savings
No Protection Needs

Life Stage 2

Family Man
Additional Responsibility
Adding Liabilities like Personal/Housing Loans
In Case of New born, plan for children is paramount
Risk Appeitite is High
Protection for Family's Income
Need for providing for childrens education/marriage
Term / Whole Life
Childrens Plan

Life Stage 3


Pre Retirement
Children have grown up
Almost stabilised in Career
Reducing Liabilities and
Reasonable Increase in Savings for children
Medical Contigencies for Old Age
Retirement Needs are Realised
Risk Appetite is Tappering off
Start building Retirement
If affordable start building wealth
Retirement Plans
Investment Plans

Life Stage 4

58 Plus
Post Retirement
Spouse is the only dependent
Earned Income stops
Need for stable and dependable income
Risk Appetite is Least
Steady Income for full of life Annuities



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