Being intermediaries we are serious about our deliverables, which largely depend on our suppliers and their understanding of your needs. We represent wide variety of Insurers, who can provide solutions to any insurable risks, but it is our market knowledge that differentiates us from the rest in choosing the right insurer to suit your needs.

While we are drawn by the big names we choose Insurers based on their capacity to withstand, their expertise to understand and above all their philosophy of dealing with your claims fairly and promptly. With this naturally we are proud of our suppliers, who stand by us sharing our philosophy of being with the customer when they need us most – at the time of claims.

We are pleased with our unique positioning in our market as leaders in many areas, often local as well as global Insurers turn to us for advice.

This is what some of our Insurers say about us

“We are pleased to have had Millennium Insurance Brokers on our selective panel for many years. In our experience we have found them to be, professional, trustworthy and of sound knowledge. Even when handling some very complex claims we have known them to utilize their knowledge and skills to propose innovative and resourceful solutions to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.”
- AXA Insurance
“Millennium Insurance Brokers are a pleasure to work with. Their staffs are knowledgeable and experienced. They always make a concerted effort to provide us with all the information we need in order for us to provide quotations in a swift and timely manner; which makes my life a whole lot easier.”

- Gagandeep Gill, Trading Manager- Commercial Lines RSA

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