Group Health

Due to an increasing cost of Medical Expenses, paying for treatments with the most routine
procedures can be horrendously expensive. Organizations they work for can protect employees
against unexpected medical and associated expenses and the coverage can be for hospitalisation
or for outpatient costs.

Most of the developed countries have made Health Insurance mandatory – some to be provided
by employers or provided by state.

While there are several plans or schemes floating in the market, one should carefully choose the
suitable plan on medium to long term basis and to achieve this you should consult professionals
with specific expertise in evaluating options as there are several factors to be considered. It is also important to evaluate the type of network of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies which are
being used.

Continuous rise in medical inflation, increase in diseases and the ageing population, the cost of
insurance is rising all the time. Holistic managing health is the key to maintain cost efficiency
besides engaging healthy and motivated human resources.

With an expertise and experience in the local and international markets, We at Millennium
Insurance Brokers can provide comprehensive solutions to manage cost effective health care

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