Live Stock

As raising livestock increases the level of unpredictability & financial uncertainty, the livestock insurance covers losses of one’s livestock due to death or injury of Cattle / Sheep, Goats, etc. One can lose livestock easily for a wide variety of reasons such as accidents, acts of God, thefts, weather events, diseases, etc.

A livestock insurance policy can be designed to provide Coverage in two main ways:

Comprehensive Coverage:

Providing Coverage for several types loss events, such as death,
illness, injury or during transit including theft extension.

Limited Coverage:

A peril based cover, providing limited Coverage for specific category & type of loss events, such as cover for mature cattle only or cover for specific list of incidents such as accidents, weather events, animal attacks.

There are three options to cover your livestock:

Individual Coverage:

Usually covers higher-value animals on an individual basis. The animals are listed on the policy according to some identifying marker or description, such as an ear tag and covered for a specific dollar amount.

Herd Coverage:

The simplest and most prevalent type of insurance for livestock. This
Coverage allows you to cover a specific number of animals, example, 500 dairy cattle or 300
poultry hens.

Blanket Coverage:

This type of policy allows the insured to cover farm property for a
predetermined value. It includes structures, equipment, tools and livestock.