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Health Insurance in Dubai

Dubai Health Authority has made it mandatory to implement health insurance scheme to all the
employees and their dependents, which started coming into effect in phases from 2014. A fully
implemented Health Insurance scheme, indeed, is a great initiative and a contented move to ensure all employees and their dependants are taken care of.

Health issue has developed into an impulsive feature in our day to day life. It could be attributed to our lifestyle and natural factors which affect our health without any notice. The best of the health services and medicines are made available these days which help us recover instantly from ailments. However, are we equipped to safeguard ourselves and our families from inadvertent costs occurring due to ill health?

To bridge this gap, we should understand the importance of having a health insurance. Health insurance provides us financial support in times of emergencies. Health emergencies could occur in any given situation, irrespective of what our profession or environment is; there can be instances where we could fall ill due to bad weather conditions, natural factors, lifestyle or food.

The DHA mandate can be seen as a huge benefit and an opportunity for individuals to equip themselves against a health emergency. We have many insurance schemes offered by various insurer’s to cater market needs. To make your reach towards various insurance products easier and accessible, we have insurance brokers who also meet your requirements by providing the best advice on insurance covers & products issued by various insurance companies to ensure you are protected with the best. Insurance covers are extended from consultation fee of doctors, to emergency treatment as well as to medicines. The better the insurance product, the best insurance cover you get. However, it is equally important to avail knowledge of the health cover extended by insurance companies so that in times of claims, you get protection as per your insurance policy and product.

With an eye on Expo 2020 Dubai, we see a scope for additional industrial growth and also a potential for a greater workforce to function in the Dubai market. Giving importance to health demands having a good health insurance coverage to protect yourself and your families to ensure you are prepared to face the inadvertent. One step towards availing an insurance will help you benefit in the long run from any unwarranted cost. So it’s a decision which an individual should examine and then, take a step towards protecting one’s health from diseases and threats.

So step out, reach out and insure yourself and your families today!

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