Personal Health Insurance

Health Insurance

We are now, more than ever, more susceptibility to health risks than any other time in history. These risks can often bring in unforeseen health issues that can culminate into hospitalisation, causing an unanticipated financial burden on you and your family. With escalating costs for medical diagnostics and procedures as well as prices for hospitalisation increasing at an alarming rate, health insurance has become a necessity for every individual and family. Getting the right Medical Insurance can provide for expenses such as costs of hospitalisation, surgery, physician’s fees, drugs/medicines, laboratory tests, MRIs as well as other diagnostic procedures.
Individual medical insurance is available within this region but is usually more expensive than a group policy which is taken out for a group of people, under a single master policy, issued to an employer or to an association with which they are affiliated.
While in most countries Health Insurance is mandatory to be provided by employers, individuals can opt for top up cover to suit their requirement. Our experts are available to help you pick the right policy to cover your health insurance needs within the region.