Home Insurance

Home Insurance

One of the your most valuable asset, your home, is quite vulnerable to natural and/or man-made disasters. It can be exposed to major hazards such as fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, storms, floods, riots, strikes, malicious damage or vandalism, impact by aircraft, vehicles, or animals, escape of water or leakage of oil, theft or attempted theft, falling of trees, or radio and television aerials, and other such accidental damage. Liabilities may also include personal injuries to your domestic servants, third party damage to a property or building that you occupy as a tenant.

Home Insurance Policies provide protection against physical loss of or damage to the contents of your home, your personal effects or valuables, your residential building as well as other liabilities arising from living in residential area.

Home Removal

Moving homes will get you exposed to the risks of loss of or damage of belongings, accidental breakage, exposure to natural calamities etc., which can be insured under Transit Insurance. It is highly advisable to use professional packers and movers who not only handle your Personal belongings in a professional manner but also carry insurance protection in case they cause you loss or damage due to their negligence. We can also help you insure your household items and personal belongings against loss of or damage whilst being loaded or unloaded, whilst in transit or whilst being packed/unpacked or temporarily stored.

Personal Effects or Valuables

All personal belongings and valuables such as jewellery, cameras, laptops, watches, etc., can be insured against accidental physical loss or damage even if they are worn or carried away from your residence. Your Home Insurance Policy can be extended to include this exposure, or alternatively, a specific Personal Effects or Valuables Policy can be arranged. To insure your valuables under such a policy, Insurers would require the following:

  • An itemised list of your personal effects
  • The new replacement values of each of these items
  • Supporting evidence of ownership of the items on the list.