Insurance Services

Our Services

We believe in exceeding our client’s expectations, and to achieve it, we are equipped with the necessary expertise and skills.

Over the years, collectively, we have handled thousands of claims from a trivial Motor to complex Marine, Employee Benefit to Engineering, Death & Disability to Legal Liability. This not only means that we are better equipped to foresee and provide solutions against any given situation but also ability to facilitate settlement of any claim fairly, quickly and smoothly.

We believe our final product offering is settlement of claims and are naturally passionate about facilitating settlement of claims fairly, quickly and smoothly, which has not only differentiated us from others but also allowed us to be trusted partners in secured progress of our growing clientele.

Our services include

  1. Ascertaining Risks and evaluating insurance needs
  2. Recommending appropriate insurance policies and security
  3. Gathering necessary underwriting details and presenting them to Insures
  4. Obtaining, analyzing, negotiating, and recommending terms
  5. Providing unbiased guidance in choosing Insures and placing risks
  6. Examining policy documents to ensure they meet the requirements
  7. Facilitating premium payments and accounts reconciliations
  8. Attending to additions, deletions, queries, and mid-term changes, if any
  9. Assisting in formulation, representing, and following up claims
  10. Reviewing claims experience and recommending risk improvements
  11. Monitoring renewal of insurance policies
  12. Advising on general financial risks


We practice the principle of “Prevention is better than cure” in eliminating situations giving rise to unnecessary frustrations by designing appropriate packages and placing them with reputed Insurers.