Starting a Toastmasters Journey: How did it happen

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Starting a Toastmasters Journey: How did it happen

It was on 16th November 2017 when we held our first Toastmasters meeting. But to understand how we took that first step, let’s rewind ourselves a couple of years back.

It all started in 2012 when our Managing Director, Mr. Albert Rodrigues, mentioned about starting a Toastmaster’s Club at our Annual Conference.  Meetings took place, discussion happened but there were still no signs of initiating the club.

Five long years later, in Mid-2017, we finalized the process of initiating a Toastmaster’s Club along with other sporting activities such as Badminton and Football for our staff members.

We had our Demo Club Meeting organised by Desert Divas (our mentors) in June 2017 followed by an Internal meeting in July for setting up the Club. Our mentors were impressed the way we selected our Executive Committee (Ex-com) as it was a very quick and spontaneous decision.

After deciding the Ex com team, next big step was to decide on the club name. It was an uphill task. After a lot of brainstorming and thinking, finally we decided on “Millennium Rising Stars TM Club.” The name symbolizes our corporate vision which also promotes value and growth of each club member.

Being a corporate club, we had to face our share of challenges like employees not available at the scheduled time due to meetings, members feeling awkward and opting to miss the meeting etc., but our ex com team has put a lot of effort to make this an active and engaging club.

Without our club mentors support, we would not have reached this far. Their ever-ready attitude to help and guide us since inception is the driving force for our club.

Here’s the list of our Club Mentors & Ex-com:

Club Mentors:

From Left to Right: Swomya Rangarajan, Radha Hari and Vijaya Sukumar.

Millennium Rising Star TM Club Ex-Com Team (November 2017-18):

Albert Rodrigues

Mr. Albert Rodrigues


Top Left to Right:

President: Vinita Mascarenhas, Vice President Education: Rhoda Vijaya, Vice President Public Relation: Vidya Iyer, Vice President Membership: Janeiro D’Souza

Bottom Left to Right:

Treasuer: Anita Sequeira, Secretary: Idris Shabbir, Sergeant at Arms: Dexter Lobo

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